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Website changes

Changes to the website and the reasons for the change.

I will apologies now for the quietness over the past few weeks we have been remodelling the website and its raised a few things we wanted to take further investigation into, we thought that it was time the website got an overhaul and we wanted to get some feedback from customers, clients and friends and we will also be using our google webmaster tool and google analytics to find out what seemed to be working and seems to be most popular and what isn’t working so well.

It has been a fun and eventful task so far and we are still getting a plan together for the new design to make it the best experience for customers whilst still providing 100% reliability in the meantime.
After a lot of thought and reading I have concluded that SEO is important but you should understand that SEO is there to help not to take over, for example if the website is written/styled 100% for SEO it looks a little plain and uninteresting so this is my SEO is a big part because you have to understand what SEO is about and how to implement it into your web pages to get you the best audience on the search engines.

So what happens next?

We will keep you all up-to-date with the goings on inside JellyBean Photography and there shouldn’t be any issue with our current website or contact points for getting in touch.
All our social media site are as they was and haven’t been overhauled yet with SEO but this will come in time.
So please keep in touch on social media as we love hearing from you.