Editing software I use

Adobe Cloud

As a photographer I have chosen to use the Adobe suite for editing my photographs. I mainly use Lightroom and Photoshop to manage and manipulate my images. Both pieces of software are bundled together in a handy package from Adobe.


The handy thing about adobe’s packages are that they are charged monthly which makes them very affordable and can be cancelled at any point, if needed.

The benefit to this is the software is cross platform so it will work on both Windows and Mac environments. Adobe also added the bonus that you can also use it on mobile and tablet devices. This is a advantage as you can edit on the move or at venues if needed.


I use Lightroom for my photo management, its the first place all my images get put into and you can store, arrange and manage all your photographs.

The RAW’s can be imported into the software from either connecting the camera or by connecting the CF or SD cards to the computer. You can also tag the images for better search capability. Plus you can sort all the images into various albums for better management.

I also use lightroom to edit my images. There is a huge arrangement of tools to allow you to edit images from exposure changes, Contrast and White Balance correction.


I use Photoshop for image manipulation, for editing out unwanted objects or corrections such as skin smoothing and whitening.

Photoshop can be used for a lot of manipulation from blending images to image stacking.

Lightroom and Photoshop work hand in hand, you can pass the image from one program to the other to make sure all progress changes are kept up to date in both programs.


Looking at both Lightroom and Photoshop looks intimidating due to the modules and amount of tools at the users disposal for image editing. I have found that Adobe offer a learning hub to help users learn and gain knowledge for free.

https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/lightroom-classic/tutorials.html – Tutorials for all areas of editing your images.

https://forums.adobe.com/welcome – Handy forum for all users to use and ask for help.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL0iAkpqV5YaIVG7xkDtS4Q – Youtube channel with handy videos.

What type of photographer am I ?

Scott Taylor | Wedding Photographer

Scott Taylor | Wedding Photographer

My photography career started as a Wedding Photographer for JS Photography, and here is where I found my passion as a Wedding Photographer and this has continued to grow even more when I start JellyBean Photography back in 2014.

Weddings are an interesting area of photography as you get to meet new people everyday and get to become part of their lives, you are there with them whilst plans for the wedding is being made and you are there at the point of marriage and this is amazing as you get to connect with Bride and Groom’s.

It is this connection that has always made me fascinated with Wedding Photography as you get to the start of joint life of a couple. I always try to make a connection with the couple because as a photographer there are other important times in the couples lives that will create memories and memories as always worth capturing.

Style of Photographer

As with everything style is a big part of making yourself ‘Unique’ and I class myself as a ‘Journalistic’ photographer. The reason for this is I capture important moments in time and record them as memories so that my clients can life them back over and over again.

Just a Wedding Photographer ?

I get asked this a lot and the answer is very simple, no I cover all areas of photography but my primary area is and has always been weddings. This is mainly because before I was a photographer I worked for a local band that covered weddings, I was the Roadie and DJ for The Chip Shop Boys ( https://www.chipshopboys.com ) which has meant I have been in the wedding industry for many years. This has helped be grow the skills of working in the industry.

I also cover other areas of photography such as Portraiture, Events and Newborn Photography along with mobile Photo Booths for events and celebrations.

More information and examples of my work for these areas of photography can be found in my Portfolio.


You can learn more about me and my photography journey in a post from The JellyBean Blog –

My Photography Story | Scott Taylor

'My Photography Story' Scott Taylor Photographer at JellyBean Photography

I have decided to blog an answer to a question I have been asked a few times and feel the best way to share it would be on the blog.

Where did I start ?

I have always been into taking photo’s even from a little child I had a camera in my hand. I have to say there are 2 people I have to thank for this and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today in Photography. Thank you to my dad Alf Taylor and my wife Ami Taylor for the encouragement and support of the past few years.

My dad has always taken photos, whether we was on holiday up in the Lake District in the caravan or watching the Red Arrows at an air show, my dad got me into using his 35mm SLR and I have to say I miss that camera. We still have that camera and one day I want to take it along to a wedding to use alongside my DSLR, as it brings back the skill of shooting ‘the perfect shot’ rather than ‘machine gunning’ and editing it later in Photoshop.

Now I have to thank my amazing wife Ami Taylor who brought my first DSLR shortly after the birth of my first daughter Ellie. Ami said she wanted to treat me to something so I could start to turn a hobby into a career, and that purchase did exactly that.

The first DSLR I had, and still have and use to this day, is my Canon EOS 550d I use it on shoots and it is always in my bag no matter there I am.

How did I get into photography

So I started my photography career as a second shooter with the amazing Jon Stanley at Jonathan Stanley Photography, I was recommended to him by a good friend and what started out as a few ‘come along and shoot’ turned into a year of photographing not only as a second shooter but I then started taking the rains as the main shooter and then to photographing solo for JS Photography.

After a year with Jonathan we decided that the business was changing and the photography side was going to take the back foot and Jonathan created and still runs 3 Creative and we both agreed that I wanted to venture into the world of photography as a business and from that day JellyBean Photography was born.

Creating my own business

So the time came that I wanted to take my photography skill from a hobby to a career, and can I say I haven’t looked back at that decision its the best thing I did and it really helped me to focus on my photography and my photography style.

JellyBean Photography was created in 2014 and it seems so long ago but I have learnt a lot along the way, which has made me a better photographer and business owner.

So that is my photography story and How I became know for my photography work. If you would like to see more of my work please take a few minutes to look at my photography portfolio page ( Link Below)


Scott Taylor | Photographer at JellyBean Photography