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Remote Working

The new way of working

As most of the country in now on a lock down and causing a large amount of questions and uncertainty with jobs etc I have the benefit of being able to remote work for my IT Support job an this has opened by eyes to the technology that is currently at people’s disposal.

I have been using Microsoft Teams and Office 365, I have to say its a very different way of giving support to clients but never the less it works. Whilst using Teams I have noticed that it has purposes that I could use in my photography business and it got me thinking about my business model and process of dealing with sales, inquires, meetings and how the data from these process are held so that if I needed to, how easy it would be to find and I have to say that between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneNote they have a large area covered.

This change of working has given me an opportunity and a time to learn new skills and I have been studying using the Microsoft Educator Center this offers packaged courses to allow users to gain knowledge and skills and get rewarded for it. I have to say I have learnt a lot so far from this and it made me realize that I can change my day to day running not only in IT but also in my photography business and I am continuing to look into this with more detail but I can honestly say for small businesses out there why pay large amounts of money on a one off software package when Microsoft can offer you a monthly paid system that means you will always have the latest software and this also opens up the opportunity for this to grow as your business grows… who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie to make things easier, faster and reliable ?

Other Useful technology

Another piece of technology I have been using more than usual is my Apple AirPods and I have to say they are amazing, they have great sound acoustics and they are used with my iPhone, Apple Watch and both of me Dell laptops for listening to music, video calls and conferencing and I am very impressed with them and they are small, comfortable and the battery life in them are amazing, I easily get 8 hours use out of them and then I just pop them back into the case and they charge back up.

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods | Unparalleled wireless headphone experience.