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Kick Start your Monday

Kick Start

Today I decided to write a post titled Kick Start your Monday. This is to help get the creative minds started for ready for the start of the week. My shoot went really well on Sunday and now its time for me to dive into the PC and get the images edited up for the client.

Whilst I was at this shoot I was starting to put share with you the method I use of how I go about my shoots. I start with the location and the weather. This covers the time of the year (spring, summer, winter, autumn) which affects the overall atmosphere of the image. Then we have what is the shoot about?. Is it a portrait session or is it a family celebration etc.

All of these things are tick boxes which helps me build up the scene to put my clients into to photographs I take.

I hope that this short process method helps you to arrange your photo sessions whether its in your studio or on location, I have found that this method always helps me.

On Going Work

Moving on from my Kick Start Monday I want to explain to you that here at JellyBean Photography I have on-going work with a start up business. I was approached about my photography services for use with the new site. After chatting with the client we both decided that maybe we could help create the new website for the business.

This isn’t a new area for me, but this is new to my business. I choose to offer my skills to this new start up business as I felt I could help them out.

I was approached after the client had been looking at my business website and they recommended me to the owner and it all started from there.

More information will be given about this business and the site once things have been finalized. I want to take the time to share this with you as this is something I am very proud about here at ‘The JellyBean Blog’.

This is an area I have looked at many times before as I have a passion for website development as this is a subject and course I studied at college.

Final Note from me

One final thing before I close my post for the blog. I wanted to take this time to share my portfolio to be able to show you some of my work I have photographed. I use all the images you see on my portfolio to show my clients when they book JellyBean Photography as their photographer for their special event.