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Friday Post

So its Friday…

As I am writing this post on Friday with a Coffee and a quick breakfast bar to get me into the working state I wanted to write a quick blog post. We have a photo shoot this weekend for a client for a christening, so we will be going through equipment checking, getting all the camera and lenses out and checked, batteries charged and SD and CF cards erased and ready for the shoot.

Also whilst writing this post I want to give a quick shout out to a couple of people, I love listening to podcasts and recently I have been listening to a couple of podcasts I would love to share with you. Please take a second to check these out as its free and there is something to be learnt from every podcast no matter what industry you are in.


Firstly I have been listening to ‘Marketing School’ – I listen to this everyday, a 6 minute podcast with rich content on how to manage and grow your business in a digital world. I have learnt so much from this podcast and continue to listen to it every day.

Secondly I have been listening to ‘The Business of Photography’ –

I am new to this podcast but it has drawn me in as they discuss running a business as a photographer but in the past few podcasts they have been discussing 35mm film photography and how the technique of shooting on 35mm film can be used on a digital camera making you think about every shot you take rather than machine gunning a shot of say a brides shoe, something that is static, doesn’t move and you can take your time get the ‘Perfect shot’ first time and save time later on looking through images and editing when all of this could have been eliminated at the time of the shoot.

So that has wrapped up my Friday morning and I thought I would share it all with my viewers and I will post again after the weekend once we have this shoot done.

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