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Do you have your Valentines Day gift sorted?

So its that time of the year again and its time to treat and show our loved ones how much you care for each other. So what is the best present you can buy for your loved one in 2019 ?

Chocolates are always a great start but why stop there? At JellyBean Photography we can offer you a unique Valentines Day gift for that special loved on in your life. We offer a portrait shoot session where you could treat your loved one to have photos of that special someone, or to make it even more special why not choose a couples photo shoot, a special gift that you can both keep in a frame for many happy years to come ?

Here are more details to our portrait photography package

Valentines Day 2019 image from JellyBean Photography
Valentines Day 2019 | JellyBean Photography

Types of shoots

Here at JellyBean Photography we can offer different types of shoots for your portrait session, we can:

  • Mummy and Daddy Photographs
  • Family Photographs
  • Mother to be Photographs
  • Photographs of children
  • Pets
  • Baby Photographs

All of these images can then be created into a single framed photo or a collage or they can be put onto a mug or a key ring so that those special moments can be with you all the time for every day of the year.

We can also do couples shoots where we tell the story of how you meet in picture form, the ultimate romantic keep sake in a photo album or as a framed picture to be able to tell family and relatives.

We can offer indoor and outdoor shoots to suit you and why not get the whole family involved in the shoot and have a family photograph too.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

Photography quote by Destin Sparks

Interested in finding out more ?

Get in touch with us today its easy and doesn’t cost a penny to inquiry and it may be the best present you have purchased on a valentines day and you will be able to re-visit that moment everyday in picture form.



“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Photography quote by Ansel Adams