Landscape photography in Tewkesbury.

A little trip to Tewkesbury to photograph some landscapes.

Today we decided to take a little trip to Tewkesbury, a lovely photographic and extra ordinary riverside town, we took a walk down by the river bank and I couldn’t resist taking some photos whilst we was on our travels.

Implementing SEO.

The world of SEO and website coding.

So tonight I decided to do a bit of SEO coding correction for the website, normally a task that everyone puts off, but I decided it needed to be addressed and all the little alterations pay off and makes for a better quality of site (in googles SEO eyes).

A visit to Chepstow.

A trip to Chepstow Castle whilst on a weekend away at a friends wedding.

Whilst on a trip to Chepstow for a friends wedding we decided to stay over for the weekend and I couldn’t resist taking a trip to Cheptsow Castle. I finally got round to editing the photos I took on the Saturday before we went to the wedding.
All the photos are of the outside of the Castle but even as ruins of the castle is still in good condition and very well maintained.

I have to say it was a great day out and was great to be able to photograph around the castle grounds. Well worth a visit for anyone interested in castles and photography.

JellyBean Photography Promotional Video.

Here is our newest promotional video at JellyBean Photography take a look over it and look forward to hearing comments and suggestions from you all.

JellyBean Photography Promotional video |

The Big welcome to the world of blogging.

JellyBean Photography enter into the world of blogging.

So we have taken the leap into the blogging world, we decided to move away from the Facebook and twitter posts and to build our very own blog to allow us to control the design and all the contents we can blog to our audience.
We will still be posting to Facebook and twitter as normal but we will be focusing on the blog as our main form of letting everyone know what we have been up to and what we are focusing on.

Welcome to ‘The JellyBean Blog’.

Hi Everyone, welcome to the new JellyBean Blog. We will be blogging frequently with all the changes and new features we do at JellyBean Photography and we will also fill you in with all the goings inside JellyBean Photography.