Autumn Time

The season photographers get to photograph a full pallet of colour.

So Autumn is finally upon us, the time of the year that is colourful and animals are out and about nesting. I decided to pick up the camera and take a wonder around taking some photos of autumn in my area.
I chose to investigate around Tewkesbury Abbey, you have all the trees with the changing of the colour of the leaves and also with the sun sitting low in the morning sky.
I also decided to join in with a adventure with my daughter on peddle hunting, this is where people around Tewkesbury find peddles decorate them and then hide them so children can find them, once they are found they can take a photo the peddle they found and post it on the Facebook page and then re-hide the peddle so other people can find it.

Tewkesbury Pebbles Facebook Page
Here are some of the images I took:

All the images taken today was taken using the Canon EOS 30D with a 16-35mm f2.8 Lens whilst using flash to fill in the shadow areas.

Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography, is it still strong?

Even though in the digital age of photography with digital SLR cameras we all still have a fascination with Black and White photographs. The advantage of a black and white photograph is that you can really pull in some contrast to the picture and the scene you are photographing.
Weather the subject is a wedding, the bride and groom, portrait or even a product shot the back and white image is still a photographers favorite choice.

So in my opinion the Black and White photography is still a keen favorite of photographers and rightly so, converting an image to black and white can create mood and atmosphere to the image or subject.
Also in my opinion it is always best to tread carefully with the use of black and white dont just go and select all your images you have taken and duplicate them to Black and White using a filter in Lightroom or Photoshop as the use of black and white needs to be used meaningful and selective.

Aston Martin

A dream car I got to photograph.

Whilst I was on my HGV Experience driving I came across my dream car I couldn’t resist getting my camera out and take a few shots whilst it was parked up on the track. I will also add there was a lot of really nice cars on the track that day and whilst we was being driven from the entrance to the HGV zone in the minibus we had to go on the track and we had almost every known super car racing around us and the sound was awesome and something I will never forget.

Aston Martin | Dream Car

HGV Experience

My 6th Gear experience of driving an HGV.

I would like to let everyone know that today I got to drive a HGV with trailer, something I have wanted to do all my life, it’s a dream that because of my diabetes can’t come true on the roads of the UK but my family pitched together for my birthday and brought me a HGV expereince and I have the time of my life and can’t thank eveyone enough. 
Here is some photographs of the truck and trailer I got to drive around and do manoeuvres in.

Tewkesbury Abbey

A trip around the grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey.

A lovely weekend with some great weather so I decided to take a trip to Tewkesbury and take a look around the very scenic Abbey, a lovely time of the year where all the colours of the trees and plants is coming out. We took a stroll around the abbey and we went Pebble searching with my daughter and found one, which she was over the moon.
Here are a few of the images that I turned off, very proud of the images I got and started to some some new techniques (old School style) shooting in full manual and reading the exposure through the camera, thus giving me (the artist) the creativity I want rather than the camera choosing it all for me.
I was using the Canon 30D with the Sigma 24 – 70mm f2.8 Lens for all of the following images.

Landscape photography in Tewkesbury.

A little trip to Tewkesbury to photograph some landscapes.

Today we decided to take a little trip to Tewkesbury, a lovely photographic and extra ordinary riverside town, we took a walk down by the river bank and I couldn’t resist taking some photos whilst we was on our travels.

Implementing SEO.

The world of SEO and website coding.

So tonight I decided to do a bit of SEO coding correction for the website, normally a task that everyone puts off, but I decided it needed to be addressed and all the little alterations pay off and makes for a better quality of site (in googles SEO eyes).

A visit to Chepstow.

A trip to Chepstow Castle whilst on a weekend away at a friends wedding.

Whilst on a trip to Chepstow for a friends wedding we decided to stay over for the weekend and I couldn’t resist taking a trip to Cheptsow Castle. I finally got round to editing the photos I took on the Saturday before we went to the wedding.
All the photos are of the outside of the Castle but even as ruins of the castle is still in good condition and very well maintained.

I have to say it was a great day out and was great to be able to photograph around the castle grounds. Well worth a visit for anyone interested in castles and photography.

JellyBean Photography Promotional Video.

Here is our newest promotional video at JellyBean Photography take a look over it and look forward to hearing comments and suggestions from you all.

JellyBean Photography Promotional video |

The Big welcome to the world of blogging.

JellyBean Photography enter into the world of blogging.

So we have taken the leap into the blogging world, we decided to move away from the Facebook and twitter posts and to build our very own blog to allow us to control the design and all the contents we can blog to our audience.
We will still be posting to Facebook and twitter as normal but we will be focusing on the blog as our main form of letting everyone know what we have been up to and what we are focusing on.