Website changes

Changes to the website and the reasons for the change.

I will apologies now for the quietness over the past few weeks we have been remodelling the website and its raised a few things we wanted to take further investigation into, we thought that it was time the website got an overhaul and we wanted to get some feedback from customers, clients and friends and we will also be using our google webmaster tool and google analytics to find out what seemed to be working and seems to be most popular and what isn’t working so well.

It has been a fun and eventful task so far and we are still getting a plan together for the new design to make it the best experience for customers whilst still providing 100% reliability in the meantime.
After a lot of thought and reading I have concluded that SEO is important but you should understand that SEO is there to help not to take over, for example if the website is written/styled 100% for SEO it looks a little plain and uninteresting so this is my SEO is a big part because you have to understand what SEO is about and how to implement it into your web pages to get you the best audience on the search engines.

So what happens next?

We will keep you all up-to-date with the goings on inside JellyBean Photography and there shouldn’t be any issue with our current website or contact points for getting in touch.
All our social media site are as they was and haven’t been overhauled yet with SEO but this will come in time.
So please keep in touch on social media as we love hearing from you.

A model in the studio

My Little Model helping me out in the studio.

My beautiful daughter decided it was time for a dresses photo shoot, so she searches through all her wardrobe and finds out all the dresses she wants to model in and she say’s ‘Daddy, set up the lights ready for my photo shoot, not one to disappoint I get all the studio lights out and start setting them up ready for the little model.
After about 20 minutes in comes the model, ‘I’m ready!’ she announces. We had a great time doing some modelling poses and fun poses, for a model of the age of 5 she really gets into it and lots being in front and behind the camera.
After about an hour and half we finally call it a day and it’s then time for me to get all the images edited so she can see them and wants to get them printed for her photo album.
Here are some of the images from the shoot and I can’t thank my little model enough she made me proud as a dad and really helped with my photography ideas and poses.


A Family get together, a loving moment with lots of fun, laughter and giggles.

A huge family get together along with a great meal. It’s the time the year when families get together and have a laugh and go crazy. I must say I have an amazing family and love them all to bits.
Here is a photo from the day and I love every single one of them in this picture.

Taylor Family Image

Family Portrait Shoot

Here are a few images from a Family Portrait Shoot for a gift.

It’s always fun to do a portrait shoot session but when you get two cheeky models like this it always brings smiles and laughs.
The shoot was for my Sister-in-law and my wife’s Christmas present for their mom and dad and we decided after the cold weather we would do an indoor shoot rather than going out in the cold with large jackets on.
Here are a few of the images from the shoot.

A white Cheltenham

Snowy Winter Walk for all the family and you guessed it, I took the camera too.

We finally got the chance to wake up to a white Cheltenham, so we decided to get dressed and be one of the first out in the snow. We had a lot of fun together in the snow whilst being able to get a few white photographs.
Here are some of the photographs from the walk.

New Equipment

Birthday celebrations and some new equipment.

Hi everyone,
I must apologies for the lack of posts on the blog over the past week it has been a quiet time for JellyBean Photography but was a busy time for me and my family as we have been celebrating my birthday on the 19th November.
Over my birthday weekend I took ownership of a pair of 120cm Octaboxes light modifiers for the studio lights. We are planning a series of portrait shoots which will be posted up on our social media pages over the next few days.

If you would like to be a part of one of our shoots please get in touch by email or get in touch via using the website link below.
JellyBean Photography Website

Coding week !

A week of coding and changes all round to enhance the website.

This week have been a little different, I have decided that some changes needed to be started for the website, we have been spending time looking at SEO for the website and we are aware of something’s that need to be improved to make it better for me but mostly better for all of you.

Coding week for JellyBean Photography |

Why not jump over to the site and check out all the changes and let us know what you think.

Fireworks Night

A family trip out for fireworks night.

It’s that time of the year, we decided to have family out to the Tewkesbury Fireworks display, a great display for all the family and you are metres away from the display and it truly amazing and so well planned and set-up.
There is a Bonfire, a firework display and all the fairground rides you could think of to keep everyone in the family happy for a very enjoyable night.

The event is organised by Tewkesbury Rotary Club and was free entry for the event. I would recommend this to everyone I know as it’s a great night out and the fireworks was amazing and the kids love it.

Tewkesbury Rotary Facebook Page

It’s Halloween time people.

My first attempt at carving a pumpkin.

Halloween is upon us and in the Taylor household we decided that Ellie, our daughter wanted to design and make her very first halloween pumpkin, so we started off with the pumpkin and a sharpie marker and started drawing her scary pumpkin face.
I have to say for a 5 year old she loved the whole process from drawing it to carving it out with her new little pumpkin carving set and gutting the inside of the pumpkin so she could put the candle inside to make her ideal pumpkin’.

Her are a few pictures of the final design and she absolutely loved it and wanted to put it in the living room so she could see it

Ellie’s first pumpkin, caved herself.

Ellie wanted to give the pumpkin proper eyes, so we decided to get creative and put the eye out and then cut a small piece out for create the pupil and we used two cocktail sticks to allow us to centre the pupils in the eye of the pumpkin. Ellie was really impressed and counting it was her first time doing a pumpkin I can say I was very proud and better than anything I could have done, a very proud daddy.

Gloucester Docks

A family trip to Gloucester Docks.

A visit to Gloucester Docks, about a 15 minute drive from the office and I couldn’t resist taking some photographs whilst around the Docks. I love that it’s a working area, the boats come and go throughout the day and you have the office’s situated in the Docks too. Today I decided that the camera of choice was going to be the iPhone, this allowed me to be very mobile and could capture what I could see whilst spending the day with my daughter and not have to worry about large bags of camera equipment.

So, after our walk around Gloucester Docks we decided to find a nearby Costa and go for a well-earned break before returning to the office.
My drink of choice was the Caramel Latte Frostino, which was nice and very cold.

My Treat