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BTCC Silverstone with Team Hard Racing

The Life inside a racing garage.

JellyBean Photography had the privilege of photographing with the British Touring Car Championship Team Hard at Silverstone, I wanted to capture the life inside a racing garage and this opportunity came at the right time as I wanted to surprise my dad as his birthday was the 2nd September and we always take the trip to Silverstone to watch the BTCC but this year we would be the other side of the track and we would be in the garage along side all the mechanics. drivers and pit crew which makes up the Team Hard Racing Team.

Upon arriving at Silverstone we got taken over to the Team Hard Hospitality suite and we was introduced to a number of the crew that would take us over to the garages, I have to take this moment to say a huge thank you to David Boor who arranged the whole thing for us but unfortunately couldn’t be there on the day so he left us in the cable hands of Simon Coombes.

We then got escorted over to the pits area where we got taken into and introduced to the Team Hard Garages, upon arrival we were told the in’s and out’s of being in the garages and what we could and couldn’t do to keep ourselves and other safe due to track regulations. After this we was aloud to take photos around the garage and the cars and mechanics whilst working on the cars read for FP1 (Free Practice 1). I can honestly say from that second it made me realize how closely all the team work together from the drivers to the mechanics to the pit crew that makes sure everything is ready for use and is clean. The camaraderie of all the staff is truly amazing from when the driver is radioing to come in for adjustments or to fuel to allow the teams to get the best set-up of the car ready for the first qualifying session.

We was told that all the team cars was running new livery for this round of the BTCC, their normal team car colour’s are white but for this weekend they has re-wrapped all the cars so they had a black base which also aloud all their sponsors and graphics to stand out better on the cars.

One thing that really stood out to me was when Mike Bushell No 21 car came into the pits for some changes the car was pulled straight into the garage and a team of guys surrounded the car all doing their specialist jobs from jacking up the car to removing wheel nuts and wheels. I was watching a team of mechanics do a front ens suspension swap in a matter of minutes and the camaraderie was amazing, as the car rolled back out onto the track all the guys was congratulating each other and thanking each other. I later found out that this is something they do after every pit stop as it increases moral and workmanship for all the mechanics and a way of showing that a pit stop had gone well and if needed anything that could be changed to better the procedure to make it faster and more efficient for the mechanic and the driver.

I was able to get up close to the mechanics and the drivers to the cars event to the tools and parts that the garage had ready for changes and modifications to allow for optimal set-up for both the cars and the drivers.

Whilst in the pits for FP1 Mike Bushell got the fastest lap ready for Q1 and that feeling that all the mechanics and crew’s work had paid off allowing Mike Bushell to get the best out of his car on the track ready for Q1.

Here are a few of the images I took in the garages on Saturday 15th September.

Here is the link to the rest of the images I took in the garages at the BTCC Silverstone event.

BTCC Silverstone Team Hard Event –The Life inside a racing garage with Team Hard Racing

Once again I would like to say a HUGE thank you from myself and my dad for Team Hard allowing us to come into the pits on the day and for making us feel so welcome and chat to us about what parts/roles they play in the team and also allowing us to get up and close to teams and cars on a time where they have to be 100% focused to get the best out of the cars for the drivers to gain valuable points to help them in the championship.