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Band Photography

How is Band Photography Used?

One part of my job as a photographer is to photograph for bands this could be photographing the band on tour or in my studio and both are really fun, it allows me to capture real life images and allows me to connect with the band.

Use of the images…

Once we have taken images of the band these then get edited up and presented to the client and from this we get to see the images being used for promotion on posters, leaflets, flyers or business cards. These images then get used on the bands website to help attract clients for bookings and even use the images on their social media pages to help fans follow where the band is and what the band gets up too.

Why choose Scott at JellyBean Photography.

I have experience inside a band as a Roadie and DJ for The Chip Shop Boys along with Tommy and the Fuse this has allowed me to understand how the band works and what goes into setting up and rehearsals prior to gigs.

As I have listed above I have had the opportunity to photograph for Tommy Lewis of Tommy and The Fuse whether this has been at rehearsals, the recording studios or at gigs during Race Week in Cheltenham at All-Bar-One.

I have also had the opportunity and pleasure of photographing at music events such as Cleeve Fest in Cheltenham with various artists on studio in-front of crowds of fans even after the sun went down.

Examples of Band Photography

Types of shoot

JellyBean Photography can offer a variety of shoots for Bands, we can offer shoots whilst you are at the Recording Studios or whilst at Live Events or Gigs.

An option that is used a lot for Bands on their websites and media and social media sites are images we take at the studio, this allow us to stage a photo whilst you are in our studio with all your equipment or whilst the band are posing together for formal images that get used for the profile and about pages for each band member.

Sound interesting ?

If you would like to know more about the Band Photography JellyBean Photography can offer you then get in touch using any of our contact methods and see what we can offer you and create the perfect Package to get your Band captured in the best light.

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