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After the shoot

So I wanted to share with you all my process of handling all the images taken at shoots. I do this so that I can mark things off and store things away in a organised manor just in case I need to revisit it for any reason.

  1. The Shoot
  2. Images from cards to PC Drive
  3. Duplicate images up to the cloud (Back Up)
  4. Store cards as additional backups
  5. Images imported to Lightroom
  6. Images are looked over (Picks and Rejects)
  7. Editing of Picked images
  8. Export of edit images to JPEG
  9. Images uploaded to ShootProof gallery
  10. Email to Client with link and details.

So that is my process in a very small nutshell, as you can see from a few of the stages we take the utmost care to make sure various backups of all images are taken and stored in different locations to secure from loss or damage.


We use a variety of software from organizing to editing to proofing for the clients. We have used different types of software and I have found that my current set-up works the best for me now and here is what I use.

This process can be very timely, as depending on how many images was taken and if any additional image manipulation is required (Photoshop) this can prolong the process.

Keeping in touch

As with every shoot we always keep in touch with the client on how everything is going and we always give a timeline so that no-one is left wondering what is going on, we always give the client this timeline after the shoot so that any additional arrangements can be made, if they are needed.

Once all the images have been uploaded and link (Password Protected) to the clients we always chase up a few days later to make sure all is ok and they have received the link and they have accessed it ok (this can also be checked from the ShootProof admin login (Thanks ShootProof).

After this I always try to send an email to the clients asking for feedback/review, this is very important as you want to offer a great customer service so that if there are any concerns they can be corrected so that every is happy. Now thats not to say you are going to get feedback or a review from every customer but its nice to ask as this offers a value that the customer can offer and this may get you a recommendation to a family member or friend from the customer.

You can read more about the Value of Customer Service and how it affects business on a previous blog post I have written on The JellyBean Blog.

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