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A Recent Photo Shoot

I wanted to take a few minutes to blog about a recently photo shoot we did and how we approached it and what we used to achieve the images.


  • The Studio Lighting we used and why
  • Camera settings used
  • We will provide a diagram of the set-up
  • Types of photo and poses the client was looking for
  • The equipment we used


I would like to take some time to thank the SpringBank Resources Centre for allowing us to use one of there rooms on hire for this photo shoot at short notice. Everyone there was so nice and couldn’t help enough and you really make myself and my client feel so welcome.

Studio Lighting

For this shoot we didn’t need a large amount of light as the room was small and all the walls was white (which helped), we choose a 2 light set-up, I had a interfit EXD200 light with a 120cm Octabox attached to give me a lovely wrap around light for the subject, then we had a flash gun with a black bounce to light up the background. We also used a white reflector as a fill.

Camera Settings

I was shooting with the Canon EOS 5D MKI with a Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 lens attached, we used the lens towards the short telephoto end (70mm) to give us that nature look for portraits.

The camera settings we used was ISO 100, we choose this so that we could have the best quality image with very little grain in the image. We used aperture f11 to give myself the best depth of field for the shoot as we wasn’t worried about blurring out any background distractions. Finally we shot at Shutter Speed 1/125th of a second.

Diagram of the Set-up

Here is a quick and easy to use diagram for this 2 lights setup.

Lighting set-up at recent portrait shoot | JellyBean Photography
Lighting set-up at recent portrait shoot | JellyBean Photography

Types of Photo and Poses

So when I was contacted about this shoot the client was asking for head shots for a business website, we discussed that the main use for the image was and how and where it would be used so that I could get exact what the client wanted in the best way.

So we both agreed the image needed to be business head shot, on a plain simple white background, the image needed to be cropped to head and shoulder only, client would be in a suit and the image needed to show was wearing a suit and tie. The final requirement was the image needed to be a square crop so this could be used and match all the other staff images ready for use on the website.

The Equipment we used

For this portrait session we used the following equipment:

  • The Camera – Canon EOS 5D MK1
  • Then Lens – Sigma 24 – 70mm f2.8
  • Wireless triggers to fire the Strobe and flash gun
  • Interfit EXD200 Studio Light
  • Pixapro 120cm Octabox with added Internal light baffle
  • YongNuo Flash gun for the background
  • Collapsible white reflector to fill in shadows