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Welcome to 'The JellyBean Blog' this is the home of everything that's going on inside JellyBean Photography from ideas to shoots we have currently been on and blogged about. The blog is updated regularly and we try to keep in touch via the blog and via our social media pages too which are listed below.

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BTCC Silverstone Team Hard Racing.

The Life inside a racing garage.

JellyBean Photography had the privilege of photographing with the British Touring Car Championship Team Hard at Silverstone, I wanted to capture the life inside a racing garage and this opportunity came at the right time as I wanted to surprise my dad as his birthday was the 2nd September and we always take the trip to Silverstone to watch the BTCC but this year we would be the other side of the track and we would be in the garage along side all the mechanics. drivers and pit crew which makes up the Team Hard Racing Team.

Upon arriving at Silverstone we got taken over to the Team Hard Hospitality suite and we was introduced to a number of the crew that would take us over to the garages, I have to take this moment to say a huge thank you to David Boor who arranged the whole thing for us but unfortunately couldn't be there on the day so he left us in the cable hands of Simon Coombes.

We then got escorted over to the pits area where we got taken into and introduced to the Team Hard Garages, upon arrival we were told the in's and out's of being in the garages and what we could and couldn't do to keep ourselves and other safe due to track regulations. After this we was aloud to take photos around the garage and the cars and mechanics whilst working on the cars read for FP1 (Free Practice 1). I can honestly say from that second it made me realize how closely all the team work together from the drivers to the mechanics to the pit crew that makes sure everything is ready for use and is clean. The camaraderie of all the staff is truly amazing from when the driver is radioing to come in for adjustments or to fuel to allow the teams to get the best set-up of the car ready for the first qualifying session.

We was told that all the team cars was running new livery for this round of the BTCC, their normal team car colour's are white but for this weekend they has re-wrapped all the cars so they had a black base which also aloud all their sponsors and graphics to stand out better on the cars.

One thing that really stood out to me was when Mike Bushell No 21 car came into the pits for some changes the car was pulled straight into the garage and a team of guys surrounded the car all doing their specialist jobs from jacking up the car to removing wheel nuts and wheels. I was watching a team of mechanics do a front ens suspension swap in a matter of minutes and the camaraderie was amazing, as the car rolled back out onto the track all the guys was congratulating each other and thanking each other. I later found out that this is something they do after every pit stop as it increases moral and workmanship for all the mechanics and a way of showing that a pit stop had gone well and if needed anything that could be changed to better the procedure to make it faster and more efficient for the mechanic and the driver.

I was able to get up close to the mechanics and the drivers to the cars event to the tools and parts that the garage had ready for changes and modifications to allow for optimal set-up for both the cars and the drivers.

Whilst in the pits for FP1 Mike Bushell got the fastest lap ready for Q1 and that feeling that all the mechanics and crew's work had paid off allowing Mike Bushell to get the best out of his car on the track ready for Q1.

Here are a few of the images I took in the garages on Saturday 15th September.

The Life inside a racing garage The Life inside a racing garage The Life inside a racing garage The Life inside a racing garage The Life inside a racing garage The Life inside a racing garage
BTCC Silverstone Inside Team Hard

Here is the link to the rest of the images I took in the garages at the BTCC Silverstone event.

Once again I would like to say a HUGE thank you from myself and my dad for Team Hard allowing us to come into the pits on the day and for making us feel so welcome and chat to us about what parts/roles they play in the team and also allowing us to get up and close to teams and cars on a time where they have to be 100% focused to get the best out of the cars for the drivers to gain valuable points to help them in the championship.

Posted on 23rd September 2018 by Scott Taylor.

Gym Photoshoot.

A gym photoshoot for Craig Taylor and Dean Hale Fitness.

I had the pleasure of doing a gym shoot for Craig Taylor and Dean Hale Fitness at Cheltenham's Extreme CSC Gym based on 14 Malmesbury Road.
The main gold of the shoot was to be able to record the progress Craig has had on his new training program and also to help record the process of training program's that Dean can create for members.
The shoot started with a Warm up and some inspirational 'getting pumped up' workout, whilst this was taking place I was setting up the camera's, lenses, and studio lights I would be using throughout the shoot, which lasted about 2 and half hours from start to finish.

The kit I used on the day was:

  • Canon EOS 550d
  • Canon EOS 30d
  • Sigma 24 - 70mm f2.8 lens
  • Sigma 70 - 200mm f2.8 lens
  • Canon 50mm f1.8
  • Canon 16 - 35mm f.28
  • Interfit EXD200 Flash Head
  • Octabox 120cm softbox
  • Wireless trigger to fire Flash unit
  • Small White reflector

Had a great time working with the clients and we are now editing the images ready to had back to the client and we will get the images posted up ASAP, once they have been signed off by the Client and the gym.
Watch this space and our social media pages for more information and images soon.

Here are the links for all the people and places I worked with for this shoot.

Posted on 12th August 2018 by Scott Taylor.

The importance of choosing the right photographer for you.

Wedding Photography.

As a bride and groom you arrange all the services and bits for your special day and one of those services is wedding Photography and its important to choose the correct photographer and here are some of the things I would say to look over.

Style of Photography.

There are 3 main styles of wedding photography Reportage/Journalistic wedding photography, Traditional wedding photography and finally contemporary wedding photography.

1. Reportage/Journalistic Wedding Photography

Reportage/Journalistic style of wedding photography isn't a new style of photography its been used for years and over the past few years its become popular with brides and grooms as it allows them to have a photographer at their wedding photography and the objective for the photographer is to capture the day in a story from the getting ready and capturing the hype of the run up to the wedding ceremony. The photographer photographs around the wedding without interacting to get photos, they would capture moments as the day progresses.
This can help feel easier if they are not photogenic, rather than having a photographer ask to pose a certain way or to have to look directly at the camera causing uncomfortable situation for everyone.

2. Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography also known as Posed or Classic wedding photography this is what most people think of when they think about wedding photography, in a short description Traditional Photography is posed photographs outside the church door after or before the ceremony, groups shots of the whole family and friends and guests as a single image.
The main difference of this style is photographers would very rarely take candid shots of guests or couple they focus on the key moments of the wedding ceremony. This involves the photographer interacting with the couple a lot throughout the wedding making sure poses and images are captured at specific moments of the day or ceremony.

3. Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary photography is a style brought forward by the fashion industry where the photographer would aim on creating high impact photographs, striking images of the bride or groom at various scenes of the wedding venue.
This style of photography can sometimes lose the original feeling and environment of the wedding day, the images may not capture your friends and family laughing with you but more of posed images outside keys buildings with dramatic lighting to create a fashion enthused image.

Connecting with a photographer

Its best to make a personal connection with the photographer you have choose which is dictated by the style of photography you are looking for, we always meeting our clients even at the point of enquiry as this helps the couple know who they are booking or asking to capture their special day.
We would also check that from the day you book your photographer you have direct contact details so you can get in-touch with them so you can ask questions, run ideas past them and update them with the running schedule of the day allowing everyone to know what the day entails.

Know your budget

One key focus when looking for a photographer is if you have a budget to stick too keep that in mind, there is always more than one photographer in your local area ans everyone can offer different packages to suit your needs. Don't feel that the photographer is dictating the photography package you should pay for, take what they are suggesting and speak it over with your partner, family etc this will make sure that you are getting exactly what you need and what for your special day.

Check your photographer out

Before making the final choice of photographer for your special day look at their website and take a look over their portfolio or ask to see images of weddings they photographed in your area. This is help you see the photographers style and strengths when photographing a wedding. One key fact I say to all my clients is that an images cannot lie, if you dont like what you see when looking at a portfolio its best to look around to see if there is a photographer out there waiting for you so you can relax and get a photographer that will always keep you up-to-date on things leading up to the special day or even during and after the special day.
Hope this has helped you and for information can help you find your perfect photographer for your wedding day.

Scott Taylor
JellyBean Photography

JellyBean Photography your local wedding photographer
JellyBean Photography your local wedding photographer.
Posted on 20th June 2018 by Scott Taylor.

A trip around the inside of Tewkesbury Abbey.

Inside Tewkesbury Abbey.

So on Saturday 2nd June we decided to have a family day out in Tewkesbury and my daughter decided to so me around Tewkesbury Abbey so here are a few images I took whilst walking around Tewkesbury Abbey.

Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey Inside Tewkesbury Abbey
Images from inside Tewkesbury Abbey.

My Thoughts

So after going round the abbey for the first time I have to say the building inside is amazing, a photographers heaven in there for taking pictures and there is current an area being restored.
The abbey is well worth a visit and we are definitely going to take a trip there again and I will guarantee my camera will be coming with me again.


Here are the links to the Tewkesbury Abbey website if you are planning to take a trip there or would like to find out a little more about the abbey.

Posted on 7th June 2018 by Scott Taylor.

Event Photography Review for JellyBean Photography.

Here is a review that was left by a recent client we photographed a special birthday party for her mum, the review was left on facebook and we just had to share it. It was a great day, lots of fun and excitement and everyone had a huge smile on my face through out the whole evening.

A review for JellyBean Photography.


Many thanks to Jodi Young for booking for the double birthday celebration and we are so happy you love the images.

Posted on 16th May 2018 by Scott Taylor.

NKB Training Review for JellyBean Photography.

I wanted to share a review I got from NKB Training that I had the opportunity to do a studio shoot for, the idea was Niki was looking for some new images for the website and to expand a new area of the business which would benefit from the new images.

A review for JellyBean Photography by NKB Training.


Many thanks to Nicola Kate Banks for booking for the double birthday celebration and we are so happy you love the images and we had great fun on the shoot.

Posted on 16th May 2018 by Scott Taylor.

Review for JellyBean Photography.

Here is a review that was left by a recent client we photographed a double birthday party for, the review was left on facebook and we just had to share it, it was a great day, lots of fun and put a huge smile on my face when I received the review.

A review for JellyBean Photography.


Many thanks to Sharna Gregory for booking for the double birthday celebration and we are so happy you love the images and thank you for the recommendation.

Posted on 15th May 2018 by Scott Taylor.

British Heart Foundation Cotswold Bike Ride 2018 Results.

Here is how I did at the British Heart Foundation Cotswold Ride 2018.

To start with I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone that read my previous post and for all those that 'liked', 'shared' and commented on my social media links for the ride.
The ride went well, no injuries sustained which riding and the weather was amazing, couldn't have asked for anything better.
We set off from Cheltenham Racecourse at 09:30am with a large crowd of riders, we were set off in groups to help with traffic and major junctions. I had posted on all the social media sites a 'Live Link' to Garmin which allowed people to watch exactly where we was on the route.

The Route

Here is the plan of the route that we took on Sunday, once again we decided to do the 30 mile route.

British Heart Foundation Cotswold Ride 2018

As you can see from the link above the ride took me 2 hours and 21 minutes and 7 seconds, I stopped at 2 of the stops on the route and the support from the marshals was amazing and the roads was being supervised too to help riders get around safely.


Here are some of the images I got from the event.

Scott at 1st stop at the top of the hill on the BHF Cotswold Ride 2018 Picture of my bike at the second stop on the BHF Cotswold Ride 2018 Scott at the second stop taking on food Jersey and Race Number complete with my Medal for completing the BHF Cotswold Ride 2018 Scott in action on the BHF Ride 2018
Images of Scott Taylor on the BHF Cotswold Ride 2018.
Posted on 15th May 2018 by Scott Taylor.

British Heart Foundation Cotswold Bike Ride 2018.

Join me to raise money for The British Heart Fundation Charity.

I would like to share with everyone that on Sunday 13th May I will be taking part in the British Heart Foundation Cotswold Bike Ride, this year I will be doing the 30 mile route. The event is open to everyone and no matter what you ability on a bike everyone can take part.
British Heart Foundation Cotswold Bike Ride 2018.

Follow me...

On the day I will be sharing my location via my Garmin tracker, I will post a link on my social media page.
I will also be sharing images as we cycle the route so please check out our instagram page for those.
JellyBean Photography Facebook Page
Twitter Page
Google Plus Page

How Long ?

I am hoping to get the course done in 2 hours so fingers crossed and I will let you all know the time it took via all the social media links listed in the post above.
We start and finish at the Cheltenham Racecourse where The British Heart Foundation put on entertainment and refreshments and food for all.

Hope to see some of you there.

So that's all the information about the event and I have got as much practise in as I could for this year and I will look forward to seeing some of you there on the day and if you see me or any of the riders on Sunday please give them some encouragement so we can raise some money for a very worth cause.

JellyBean Photography logo on Scott Taylor's cycling jersey
JellyBean Photography Logo on Scott Taylor cycling jersey.
Posted on 10th May 2018 by Scott Taylor.

JellyBean Photography.

Check out JellyBean Photography and see how we can help you.


Welcome to the JellyBean Photography blog page, we try to blog regularly weather this is whilst on shoots or when we find some interesting information we would like to share with our followers.

Social Media

Here is a list of all our social media page, we can also be contact via our social media pages too. Facebook
Goole Plus


Here is our Promotional Video for the business.

JellyBean Photography's Promotional Video.


Here are a few of our Business Images that we use for Advertising.

JellyBean Photography Advertisement Image
JellyBean Photography Advertisement poster.

Contact Details

Here are our contact details if you would like to get in touch with JellyBean Photography to have us at your event.

JellyBean Photography Image
JellyBean Photography Logo.

Phone: 07740 276289

Posted on 7th May 2018 by Scott Taylor.

50mm Natural Light Project.

Coming Soon - 50mm Lens natural light Project.


We are starting a new projected in the next few weeks called '50mm Natural Light' we will be doing photo shoots using only a 50mm lens and natural light both in a studio and out on location.

Would you like to get involved?

If you have an interest in modelling or know of someone that does then why not let pass this on and ask them if they would like to get involved.

Ellie Posing outside Tewkesbury Abbey for 50mm Natural light project
The NEW 50mm Natural Light Project.


Posted on 4th May 2018 by Scott Taylor.

Welcome to the NEW site.

Welcome to the all new, all improved website for JellyBean Photography.

So the new website is finally here, we have been working away on this for the past few months, designing, testing and altering it to make sure it works across all platforms and also to make sure it was SEO optimised allow easy use by all our clients and also for customers finding us from google and on the internet.

We have also spent a lot of time running the new website pages through checkers to make sure all the code is validated and correct and optimised to running/load quickly and correctly weather you are on Wi-fi or 4G or 3G connections, this was a key focus as internet shopping has changed over the past 5 years or so with mobile being the number one way to search for items and services.


Here are the resources I used whilst building and testing the new website:
Posted on 15th April 2018 by Scott Taylor.

Snow in Cheltenham again.

The snow comes to Cheltenham again, and that only means one thing.

Once again, the snow is upon us in Cheltenham and although it looks lovely and fluffy, it’s still cold. So, we decided we would take a walk out and I would take the phone and grab some pics of the local area and along with some selfies too.
Here is the local park in SpringBank this morning.

Panoramic shot of the snow in the park Ellie in the Snow, or is it a Unicorn? Ellie posing in the snow Portrait in the snow Family selfie in the snow This picture makes me smile every time.
The snow hits Cheltenham again.
Posted on 2nd March 2018 by Scott Taylor.

HTML5 and CSS3.

Using HTML 5 and CSS 3 to create the perfect website.

Ok so as you may guess from the title I have been doing a lot of thinking about the website and how we want to change it to be able to achieve better SEO and to be able to have a better mobile focused website.
This threw up a few issues, firstly did we want to move ahead with this by getting in a web developer, we did some looking around and didn't take long to look past this option as it is costly and I wanted to be able to have better understanding of the website so we can make changes quickly and easily.
So... this took us on to our next option, to develop the website myself, this offered a few obstacles I needed to overcome before advancing.

I needed to get a great knowledge of a convenient programming language to build the website and after some research I came up with the idea that there are many routes in web development that all have a purpose but choosing the right one isn't always straight forward.

I have finally decided to go with HTML5 and CSS3, the reason for this is that I have done website development before and have studied it at college, a few years ago I will admit but I thought that this would offer me an opportunity to obtain a skill to help me and the business.

I found various sources of media online that can help with the code and what it does but finally found a very useful youtube channel, I watched a few of the videos and tutorials and started to refresh what I had learnt a few years previous and then really started to learn that HTML and CSS has come a long way over the past few years.

I have also taken the choice to change my approach on the website as I have been analysing the website performance on google analytics and noticed a large percentage of my clients come to the site via a mobile device this made me realise that web development over the past few years has focused on 'Mobile First Design' or 'Responsive Design'.

So I have been spending a lot of late nights learning and coding for the business's new website which is still in its early stages but I am making great progress with it and I am happy to say that the experience has made me appreciate how my clients and customers use the site to get what they are looking for and Im making new provisions to make JellyBean Photography have a better position on the internet in search engines (Google, Bing etc), this doesn't come easily but the time spent doing it will be worth it and the business will be better off for it.

So what this space and I will try and update the blog as new things come up, I know this post isn't about Photography but I wanted to include it as its about the business and its about the progress the business is making and hopefully will help people if this is something they are questioning about either with business or blogging.

Posted on 24th February 2018 by Scott Taylor.

Website changes.

Changes to the website and the reasons for the change.

I will apologies now for the quietness over the past few weeks we have been remodelling the website and its raised a few things we wanted to take further investigation into, we thought that it was time the website got an overhaul and we wanted to get some feedback from customers, clients and friends and we will also be using our google webmaster tool and google analytics to find out what seemed to be working and seems to be most popular and what isn’t working so well.
It has been a fun and eventful task so far and we are still getting a plan together for the new design to make it the best experience for customers whilst still providing 100% reliability in the meantime.
After a lot of thought and reading I have concluded that SEO is important but you should understand that SEO is there to help not to take over, for example if the website is written/styled 100% for SEO it looks a little plain and uninteresting so this is my SEO is a big part because you have to understand what SEO is about and how to implement it into your webpages to get you the best audience on the search engines.

So what happens next?

We will keep you all up-to-date with the goings on inside JellyBean Photography and there shouldn't be any issue with our current website or contact points for getting in touch.
All our social media site are as they was and haven't been overhauled yet with SEO but this will come in time.
So please keep in touch on social media as we love hearing from you.

Posted on 30th January 2018 by Scott Taylor.

Model in the Studio.

My Little Model helping me out in the studio.

My beautiful daughter decided it was time for a dresses photoshoot, so she searches through all her wardrobe and finds out all the dresses she wants to model in and she say's 'Daddy, set up the lights ready for my photoshoot', not one to disappoint I get all the studio lights out and start setting them up ready for the little model.
After about 20 minutes in comes the model, 'I’m ready!' she announces. We had a great time doing some modelling poses and fun poses, for a model of the age of 5 she really gets into it and lots being in front and behind the camera.
After about an hour and half we finally call it a day and it's then time for me to get all the images edited so she can see them and wants to get them printed for her photo album.
Here are some of the images from the shoot and I can’t thank my little model enough she made me proud as a dad and really helped with my photography ideas and poses.

Ellie in her first dress in the studio Ellie in her second dress in the studio Ellie in her second dress working the pose Full length portrait shot Ellie doing her cutie pose Ellie working her poses Ellie flicking her hair around Ellie demonstrating her own poses Mother and daughter portrait Pose like this mummy!
We have a young model in the studio.
Posted on 15th January 2018 by Scott Taylor.


A Family get together, a loving moment with lots of fun, laughter and giggles.

A huge family get together along with a great meal. It’s the time the year when families get together and have a laugh and go crazy. I must say I have an amazing family and love them all to bits.
Here is a photo from the day and I love every single one of them in this picture.

Taylor family re-united
Re-uniting the Taylor family together.
Posted on 29th December 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Family portrait shoot.

Here are a few images from a Family Portrait Shoot for a gift.

It’s always fun to do a portrait shoot session but when you get two cheeky models like this it always brings smiles and laughs.
The shoot was for my Sister-in-law and my wife’s Christmas present for their mom and dad and we decided after the cold weather we would do an indoor shoot rather than going out in the cold with large jackets on.
Here are a few of the images from the shoot.

Fun family portrait shoot Poses in portrait shoot Ethan posing in his portrait shoot Ellie posing in her portrait shoot
Family portrait session by JellyBean Photography.
Posted on 29th December 2017 by Scott Taylor.

A white Cheltenham.

Snowy Winter Walk for all the family and you guessed it, I took the camera too.

We finally got the chance to wake up to a white Cheltenham, so we decided to get dressed and be one of the first out in the snow. We had a lot of fun together in the snow whilst being able to get a few white photographs.
Here are some of the photographs from the walk.

Ellie's name in the snow Family writes names in the snow Snow outside JellyBean Photography HQ Snowy leaf Foot print in the snow Snow all around Snow hanging off the bushes
Images of a white Cheltenham.
Posted on 10th December 2017 by Scott Taylor.

New Equipment.

Birthday celebrations and some new equipment.

Hi everyone,
I must apologies for the lack of posts on the blog over the past week it has been a quiet time for JellyBean Photography but was a busy time for me and my family as we have been celebrating my birthday on the 19th November.
Over my birthday weekend I took ownership of a pair of 120cm Octaboxes light modifiers for the studio lights. We are planning a series of portrait shoots which will be posted up on our social media pages over the next few days.

If you would like to be a part of one of our shoots please get in touch by email or get in touch via using the website link below.
JellyBean Photography Website

Birthday present
Celebrating my birthday weekend.
Posted on 30th November 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Coding week.

A week of coding and changes all round to enhance the website.

This week have been a little different, I have decided that some changes needed to be started for the website, we have been spending time looking at SEO for the website and we are aware of something's that need to be improved to make it better for me but mostly better for all of you.

The changes we have started on are:

  • The Menu - Separation of the services page.
  • Icons - We wanted to update the icons for all our social media links and to make them displayed in multiple places on the site.
  • CSS tidying - after all the changes we make we have to tidy up the .css file as this needs to be maintained so that it becomes efficient.

Why not jump over to the site and check out all the changes and let us know what you think.
JellyBean Photography Website
SEO and coding for the website
A week of SEO changes and coding at JellyBean Photography.
Posted on 12th November 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Fireworks Night.

A family trip out for fireworks night.

It’s that time of the year, we decided to have family out to the Tewkesbury Fireworks display, a great display for all the family and you are metres away from the display and it truly amazing and so well planned and set-up.
There is a Bonfire, a firework display and all the fairground rides you could think of to keep everyone in the family happy for a very enjoyable night.

Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury Fireworks night in Tewkesbury
Fireworks night celebration in Tewkesbury next to the Abbey.

The event is organised by Tewkesbury Rotary Club and was free entry for the event. I would recommend this to everyone I know as it’s a great night out and the fireworks was amazing and the kids love it.

Tewkesbury Rotary Facebook Page

Posted on 5th November 2017 by Scott Taylor.

It's hallowen time people.

My first attempt at carving a pumpkin.

Halloween is upon us and in the Taylor household we decided that Ellie, our daughter wanted to design and make her very first halloween pumpkin, so we started off with the pumpkin and a sharpie marker and started drawing her scary pumpkin face.
I have to say for a 5 year old she loved the whole process from drawing it to carving it out with her new little pumpkin carving set and gutting the inside of the pumpkin so she could put the candle inside to make her 'ideal pumpkin'.

Her are a few pictures of the final design and she absolutely loved it and wanted to put it in the living room so she could see it.

Ellie's first every pumpkin creation
Ellie's first every pumpkin creation.

Ellie wanted to give the pumpkin proper eyes, so we decided to get creative and put the eye out and then cut a small piece out for create the pupil and we used two cocktail sticks to allow us to centre the pupils in the eye of the pumpkin. Ellie was really impressed and counting it was her first time doing a pumpkin I can say I was very proud and better than anything I could have done, a very proud daddy.

Posted on 2nd November 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Gloucester Docks.

A family trip to Gloucester Docks.

A visit to Gloucester Docks, about a 15 minute drive from the office and I couldn't resist taking some photographs whilst around the Docks. I love that it’s a working area, the boats come and go throughout the day and you have the office's situated in the Docks too. Today I decided that the camera of choice was going to be the iPhone, this allowed me to be very mobile and could capture what I could see whilst spending the day with my daughter and not have to worry about large bags of camera equipment.

A building inside the docks The church inside the docks Boats moored at gloucester docks A scenic view inside the docks A working boat in the docks A restaurant on the water inside gloucester docks
Images taken from a walk around Gloucester Docks.

So, after our walk around Gloucester Docks we decided to find a nearby Costa and go for a well-earned break before returning to the office.
My drink of choice was the Caramel Latte Frostino, which was nice and very cold.

A trip to Costa after photographing
A trip to Costa after an morning of photographing in Gloucester Docks.
Posted on 24th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Autumn Time.

The season photographers get to photograph a full pallet of colour.

So Autumn is finally upon us, the time of the year that is colourful and animals are out and about nesting. I decided to pick up the camera and take a wonder around taking some photos of autumn in my area.
I chose to investigate around Tewkesbury Abbey, you have all the trees with the changing of the colour of the leaves and also with the sun sitting low in the morning sky.
I also decided to join in with a adventure with my daughter on peddle hunting, this is where people around Tewkesbury find peddles decorate them and then hide them so children can find them, once they are found they can take a photo the peddle they found and post it on the Facebook page and then re-hide the peddle so other people can find it.

Tewkesbury Pebbles Facebook Page
Here are some of the images I took:

Green grass and blue sky Colours in the leaves Sun through the trees Teddy in the tree
The colours of autumn around Tewkesbury Abbey.

All the images taken today was taken using the Canon EOS 30D with a 16-35mm f2.8 Lens whilst using flash to fill in the shadow areas.

Posted on 21st October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Black and White Photography.

Black and White Photography, is it still strong?

Even though in the digital age of photography with digital SLR cameras we all still have a fascination with Black and White photographs. The advantage of a black and white photograph is that you can really pull in some contrast to the picture and the scene you are photographing.
Weather the subject is a wedding, the bride and groom, portrait or even a product shot the back and white image is still a photographers favourite choice.

Black and White photograph of Chepstow Castle Black and White photograph of Bride and Groom leaving the church Black and White photograph of table arrangements at a wedding Black and White photograph of the toast during wedding Black and White photograph of product shot os Yankee Candle
Examples of Black and White Photography.

So in my opinon the Black and White photography is still a keen favourite of photographers and rightly so, converting an image to black and white can create mood and atmosphere to the image or subject.
Also in my opinion it is always best to tread carefully with the use of black and white dont just go and select all your images you have taken and duplicate them to Black and White using a filter in Lightroom or Photoshop as the use of black and white needs to be used meaningfull and selective.

Posted on 21st October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Aston Martin.

A dream car I got to photograph.

Whilst I was on my HGV Expereince driving I came across my dream car I couldn't resist getting my camera out and take a few shots whilst it was parked up on the track. I will also add there was alot of really nice cars on the track that day and whilst we was being driven from the etrance to the HGV zone in the minibus we had to go on the track and we had almost every known super car racing around us and the sound was awesome and something I will never forget.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin down at the track.
Posted on 14th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

HGV Experience.

My 6th Gear expereince of driving an HGV.

I would like to let everyone know that today I got to drive a HGV with trailer, something I have wanted to do all my life, it's a dream that because of my diabetes can't come true on the roads of the UK but my family pitched together for my birthday and brought me a HGV expereince and I have the time of my life and can't thank eveyone enough.
Here is some photographs of the truck and trailer I got to drive around and do manoeuvres in.

HGV Truck I drove HGV Truck and Trailer I Drove
Pictures of the DAF XF Truck and Trailer.
Posted on 14th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Tewkesbury Abbey.

A trip around the grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey.

A lovely weekend with some great weather so I decided to take a trip to Tewkesbury and take a look around the very scenic Abbey, a lovely time of the year where all the colours of the trees and plants is coming out. We took a stroll around the abbey and we went Pebble searching with my daughter and found one, which she was over the moon.
Here are a few of the images that I turned off, very proud of the images I got and started to some some new techniques (old School style) shooting in full manual and reading the exposure through the camera, thus giving me (the artist) the creativity I want rather than the camera choosing it all for me.
I was using the Canon 30D with the Sigma 24 - 70mm f2.8 Lens for all of the following images.

Tewkesbury Abbey doors Garden of Remembrance at the Abbey Tewkesbury Abbey Autumn coloured Abbey Tewkesbury Abbey peering between the tree's Tewkesbury Abbey from the garden side Side profile of Tewkesbury Abbey
Tewkesbury Abbey from the outside.
Posted on 9th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Landscape Photography in Tewkesbury.

A little trip to Tewkesbury to photograph some landcapes.

Today we decided to take a little trip to Tewkesbury, a lovely photographic and extra ordinary riverside town, we took a walk down by the river bank and I couldn't resist taking some photos whilst we was on our travels.

Sheep lying down A panoramic of the waterfall Down by the water
Landscape Photography around Tewkesbury
Posted on 7th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

Implementing SEO for the website.

The world of SEO and website coding.

So tonight I decided to do a bit of SEO coding correction for the website, normally a task that everyone puts off, but I decided it needed to be addressed and all the little alterations pay off and makes for a better quality of site (in googles SEO eyes).

SEO and HTML and CSS coding
SEO and coding on JellyBean Photography website.
Posted on 5th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

A visit to Chepstow Castle.

A trip to Cheptow Castle whilst on a weekend away at a friends wedding.

Whilst on a trip to Chepstow for a friends wedding we decided to stay over for the weekend and I couldn't resist taking a trip to Cheptsow Satle. I finally got round to editing the photos I took on the Saturday before we went to the wedding.
All the photos are of the outside of the Castle but even as ruins of the castle is still in good condition and very well maintained.

Chepstow Castle Chepstow Castle Chepstow Castle Chepstow Castle
Images of Chepstow Castle

I have to say it was a great day out and was great to be able to photograph around the castle grounds. Well worth a visit for anyone interested in castles and photography.

Posted on 4th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

JellyBean Photography's Promotional video.

Check out our new promotional video at JellyBean Photography.

Here is our newest promotional video at JellyBean Photography take a look over it and look forward to hearing comments and suggestions from you all.

JellyBean Photography's Promotional Video.
Posted on 4th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.

The big welcome to the world of blogging.

JellyBean Photography enter into the world of blogging.

So we have taken the leap into the blogging world, we decided to move away from the Facebook and twitter posts and to build our very own blog to allow us to control the design and all the contents we can blog to our audience.
We will still be posting to facebook and twitter as normal but we will be focusing on the blog as our main form of letting everyone know what we have been up to and what we are focusing on.

Posted on 4th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.


Welcome to The JellyBean Blog.

Hi Everyone, welcome to the new JellyBean Blog. We will be blogging frequently with all the changes and new features we do at JellyBean Photography and we will also fill you in with all the goings inside JellyBean Photography.

Posted on 4th October 2017 by Scott Taylor.